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Our Network

In any market – and especially one such as this – the network of your agent is a crucial consideration. In recent years, the number of pocket listings and off-market sales have skyrocketed. More than 25% of sales now occur outside of the MLS, and that percentage surges in luxury markets such as the South Bay and Westside.

Many of our clients are attracted to us for our network and overwhelming market presence. We are able to provide many of our buyers early access to off-market and upcoming listings. Additionally, once we have zeroed in on a location or home type, we launch extensive physical and digital farming campaigns to connect you with every potential seller. We shake every tree, beat every bush, and leave no stone unturned in finding our clients their dream home at their dream price.

Our suite of buyer services includes mortgage consultants, home inspectors, moving companies, decorators and contractors. From start to finish, you will feel the full support of the Wolf & Wolf network.