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Your Team

The process of buying will require more than a few experts. A dedicated team is crucial. That’s where we come in.

Your agent.

We work hard to assist our clients in every way during the buying process, offering tenacious expertise along with white-glove concierge service. Our success comes not from the size of the deal, but from the satisfaction of our clients. There is never any pressure, and we focus on education and customer service to make sure you are comfortable at every turn. We approach every transaction with energy and professionalism, and we won’t rest until you close escrow on your dream home. What’s more, we can help you build the rest of your team, employing experts for every part of the process.

Your mortgage planner.

For many, a home purchase usually necessitates a mortgage. Picking the right mortgage planner is more than just picking the best interest rate. Make sure you are working with a specialized mortgage planner, not simply a banker or financial advisor. Additionally, make sure they are responsive, organized, and creative to ensure you’re getting the best possible loan product for your specific goals and circumstances. Lastly, a local knowledge can be very helpful, from understanding the local inventory to understanding local loan requirements.

Accountants, Inspectors, Insurance, Title, etc.

There are a multitude of other experts that you will want to have on your team. Some, such as tax professionals and insurance agents, you may already have relationships with. Others, such as home inspectors and title officers, can be recommended by us. We have vetted professionals of the highest caliber in every necessary field and can offer suggestions for anything you might need. We take pride in our team.