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Finding Your Property

You know why you’re buying. You know how you’re buying. Now it’s time to focus on the where and what of your purchase.

Let’s take a drive!

You’ve heard the old adage: the three most important things in real estate are location, location, and location. It’s crucial to know the city, neighborhood, street and even the specific block. We realize Los Angeles is a big city, and as part of our buyer services, we offer comprehensive community tours to help you learn about its different neighborhoods. Beyond geographical considerations, there a lot of factors to weigh when it comes to picking the right location: school districts, community codes, commute times, historical and future appreciation, etc. Not only can we answer any questions you might have about the neighborhoods your interested in, but based on your preferences, we can often suggest areas that you may not have considered.

Narrowing your search.

One of the most unique benefits of working with Wolf & Wolf is our city-wide knowledge. Unlike most agents who focus on (and consequently “sell” you) one small geographic area, we are experts on the many different communities of Los Angeles, and can help our clients compare the areas that they are interested in. Want to know the differences between Manhattan Beach and Santa Monica? Torn between Venice or Silverlake? Trouble picking between Palos Verdes and the Pacific Palisades? We focus on educating our clients and arming them with in-depth local knowledge. When the time comes to make a decision, we guarantee you’ll feel ready.

Becoming an expert.

Now that you have decided on a neighborhood to focus on, we will begin to send you listings. The goal here is not only to find properties you are interested in, but to educate you on the inventory and to “calibrate” you on pricing and value. This way, when you see that home that makes you say “WOW!” you will be able to act confidently and decisively to get your offer accepted.

Submitting your offer and negotiating terms.

We will negotiate aggressively on your behalf while remaining focused on getting your offer accepted and making the deal happen. We are huge believers in win-win scenarios, and will work closely with you to create an offer package that aligns you and the seller.