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Accepting an Offer

You’ve done everything right and the offers have started to roll in. Now it’s time to pick a buyer to open escrow with.

Negotiating… The Right Way.

We take the ethical responsibility of fairly negotiating contractual terms very seriously. It’s our goal to find a win-win agreement that’s beneficial to all parties involved, but our fiduciary obligation is to get you the very best deal possible. Often times you will have to deal with multiple offers before ratifying the one you judge to be the most suitable; as your agents we’ll guarantee a thorough and objective assessment of these offers to help you choose the one that best aligns with your goals.

The Price is not always right.

“The higher the price, the better the offer” is an easy misconception, but price isn’t the only determining factor in choosing among multiple offers for several important reasons: the initial offer is never final, and there are a number of terms and conditions that may have a dollar value to you. We will put our experience to work helping you thoroughly evaluate every proposal without compromising your marketing position.

The Initial Agreement and Deposit.

Once an offer is ratified, the home seller and buyer will agree upon the amount for the good faith deposit and set up an escrow account. This reflects the buyer’s intention to purchase your property and ensures that no funds orproperty will change hands until all instructions in the transaction are completed.